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Group Events

Yongho Joo's Defense and Commencement March 2017

yongho graduation

Thanksgiving party at Padma's home 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

REU Students Kyrstyn Ong and Lara Frankson Presenting Posters at UW-Madison in August 2016

Kyrstyn Ong Lara Franson

Jonathan Choi's Defense and Commencement June 2016

jonathan graduation

Samantha Schmitt in May 2016 Commencement

sam graduation

Farewell Party for Samantha Schmitt August 2015

sam farewell 1 sam farewell 2

Samantha Schmitt's Defense and Commencement August 2015

sam defense

REU Students Susan Knox and Cody Schilling Presenting Posters at UW-Madison in July 2015

Susan Knox

Prof. Gopalan with Materials Science and Engineering Graduates in May 2015 Commencement

Prof. Gopalan with Prof. Myungwoon Kim and Prof. Sohn During Visit to Hanyan University in March 2015

REU Students Rusty Roberts and Jonathan Choi Presenting Posters at UW-Madison in August 2011

December 2010 Commencement: Eungnak Han Walks!

Peerasak Paoprasert's Defense September 2010

REU Student Daniel Clement Presenting a Poster at UW-Madison in August 2010

Farewell Party for Melvina and Yun Jun May 2010

Melvina Leolukman's Defense and Commencement December 2009

Undergraduate Researcher Kirsten Johnson Presenting a Poster at UW-Madison in December 2009

Undergraduate Researcher Dane Peterson Presenting a Poster at UW-Madison in May 2009

Undergraduate Researcher Andrew Hatas from Chemistry in Fall of 2008

Sean Cullen's Defense September 2008

REU Student Kimy Yeung Presenting in Poster Session Summer 2007

McGee Group Visit May 2006

Party at Padma's House

Prof. Padma Gopalan's Office
219 Materials Science and Engineering Building
Madison, WI, 53705
Student Office
1136 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Dr.
Madison, WI, 53705